Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mare Tranquillitatis

[-begin transmission-]

Hey everybody, I have a job!

I don't start for, like, two weeks--but still, at least I can relax a little bit now, mentally.

I applied at quite a few hotels, since I have so much recent experience with that (and I knew it would pay better). But what I really wanted to do was return to the parks (money be damned). Preferably, SeaWorld.

Anyway, it took a month, but they finally called me. Hooray!

This will be my second stint with the company. I worked in guest services at Discovery Cove about four years ago, before relocating to Tennessee. So it seems only appropriate to go back to work for them now that I live in Orlando again. It's a different actual job this time, though.

I am a "security ambassador."

No, I'm not really sure what it means, either. But as long as it doesn't involve food or toilets, I'm good.

So if you want to bring a bag into SeaWorld, look me up. I'll poke it with a stick for you.

[-carrier lost-]