Monday, January 18, 2010

The 4:00am Fairy

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What’s that, loyal readers? You require an update, so as to remain current (or “up” as the kids now say) as to what is happening in the life of your hero, which is me?

Very well!

We are moving to Florida!

Wait, that’s not news.

Okay, well, we’re moving even earlier, now. My last day of work (at my current job, anyway) is January 30th. And we’re planning to leave Pigeon Forge on the morning of February 1st. (So if you’d like to stalk me, you can’t say I didn’t give you anything to go on.)

The drive from Pigeon Forge to Orlando (or vise-versa) is one I’ve made many times. But, this occasion, we plan on taking our sweet-assed time, and making a vacation out of the move itself.

Current planned stops include (but may not be limited to) The Mayfield Dairy in Athens, Tennessee, Rock City, The Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke in Atlanta, and the entire city of St. Augustine, Florida (which is where they invented Atlantis or something).

On a sad-but-related note, my Smoky Mountain Adventures thread over at Theme Park Review will, due to my lack of continuing to live here, be coming to an end very soon. But, hopefully, I’ll be able to make time in amongst all my moving-preparations to give it a properly glorious send off.

I’ll keep you posted. With my posts.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Erik’s Incredible Movie Reviews: Moon

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Moon is the debut film of director Duncan Jones, who is the son of famed musician David Bowie.

I have to admit, that while I like many of Mr. Bowie’s songs, I was never what you might call a rabid fan. He was always more of a “greatest hits” type artist to me--although, to be fair, I never really did delve all that deeply into his back catalog. The one proper CD that I did buy was Earthling, which was a sort of foray into techno, and I did rather enjoy that--especially the single, “Little Wonder.”

But back to Moon. The story concerns an excitable moon-farming astronaut (Sam Rockwell) and his always-calm computer companion (voiced by Kevin Spacey). Yet, despite this science fiction premise, and the fact that David Bowie wrote many science fiction themed tunes, Duncan Jones chose to not use any of his father’s music in the film--not even “A Space Oddity.” Which, considering how much Moon evokes the film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” seems almost like a direct insult to his father.

It’s worth noting, too, that Mr. Bowie is also an accomplished actor, having played roles as disparate as a laid-back version of himself (in the movie “Zoolander”) to a clearly more evil version of himself (“The Sovereign”) on the TV show The Venture Brothers. Yet, despite this range, he does not even make so much as a cameo in Moon.

I suppose, to some degree, this is understandable. I never really got along with my dad either. But even he liked David Bowie.

Spoilers: Dude’s a clone.

Erik’s Rating: Pi

Who It Works Best For: People who liked 2010, but who nevertheless did not find it a particularly worthy sequel to 2001, in terms of scenic design and tone.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Minimalism Sense is Tingling!

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I’ve spent the last couple of years paring down, getting rid of “stuff,” and generally seeking to be able to carry everything I own in a backpack.

Of course, we now have car. So that means we can have more stuff. And when we move to Orlando, we’ll likely get an apartment, which means furniture. Which is all well and good, except that it’s freaking me out slightly.

My basic theory has been to have as little as possible so that I’d need to take care of as little as possible. And, also, things cost money. So, not buying things means having more money. And I like having money.

Still, moving back to Florida is what I want, and moving back to Florida seems to necessarily entail these things. So I need to get over it, I suppose. And besides, we already acquired a few things while we were in the house (like a TV), and those aren’t so bad.

Well, maybe we can at least find a really small apartment.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

March of the Mad Hares

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The original plan was to buy a car in April and move to Orlando at the end of May. That way, we could make a big amusement park trip out of the move, since all the parks would be open by then.

But, since we bought the car early--and we're quickly growing tired of the eFFing cold--we're now thinking of heading down at the beginning of March. The big amusement park trip will be lost, but at least we won't have to suffer through another car show here (the first one is in April).

There are some other trade-offs, as well. But I think we're just mentally done here. It's time to start wrapping things up and move on.

So there you go: March.

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