Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Minimalism Sense is Tingling!

[-begin transmission-]

I’ve spent the last couple of years paring down, getting rid of “stuff,” and generally seeking to be able to carry everything I own in a backpack.

Of course, we now have car. So that means we can have more stuff. And when we move to Orlando, we’ll likely get an apartment, which means furniture. Which is all well and good, except that it’s freaking me out slightly.

My basic theory has been to have as little as possible so that I’d need to take care of as little as possible. And, also, things cost money. So, not buying things means having more money. And I like having money.

Still, moving back to Florida is what I want, and moving back to Florida seems to necessarily entail these things. So I need to get over it, I suppose. And besides, we already acquired a few things while we were in the house (like a TV), and those aren’t so bad.

Well, maybe we can at least find a really small apartment.

[-carrier lost-]


  1. Funny you should mention this today. I'm going through the same scenario and trying to minimize what I have once again to the essentials and a couple of nice things. Plus, I don't want a carload of stuff nor a lot in my host's home while I'm staying here. Going to offer them some clothes and a couple odd things just to lighten the load.

    It's funny, the majority of my life now is in a couple frame packs and a duffle bag, and that STILL seems like a lot. Oh well, somewhere is there is harmony and balance that offers the simplicity we crave.

    Hang in there and safe journey to you in the coming months.

  2. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a teeny tiny apartment. Just so you don't decide to live in the car, that's a little too minimalistic.